It’s time to Entrepreneur!



I’m amazed at how many of my friends have started new businesses this year. Not big businesses, like car dealerships or restaurants, or anything like that. Most of them don’t even equate to full time jobs. I’m talking about little money earners, almost like income supplements, in a field they are passionate about and have particular skills. Photography, timber creations, math tutoring, creative design, and so on. People are realising that now is the time to entrepreneur, and here’s why.





The advent of social media has given power back to the little guys. Previously, finding customers was expensive and labour intensive – Paid advertisements in the yellow pages. Letter box drops. Posters at the corner store – and those were the cheap options.


Now, with the click of a button you can place your business right in the eye-line of hundreds of people… for free. Add a few shares and likes, and that figure can explode into the thousands. A friend of mine recently launched his own videography business and posted about it online. Within one week he had two bookings worth upwards of $2000. Another colleague of mine had similar results with her creative design venture. Both were stunned at how easy it was to connect with buyers, and kick start their dream.


Here’s the other bit of good news. If you want to pay for some online advertising, it is cheaper than you think, particularly if it’s focused in a local area. Do some research. You’ll be surprised how cost effective it is to have your business invade your neighbour’s news feed.






So whether they want the new house, the overseas holiday, or even just some pocket money to spend on the weekend, entrepreneurship is most people’s only ticket to financial prosperity, and people, especially young people, are recognising that if it’s going to happen then it’s up to them to do something about it.

There’s a new sense of ownership rising in our society. Those high-paying dream jobs are getting harder to come by. People understand that entrepreneurship provides their best chance to control their own destiny. Not everybody has the skills to be an in-demand medical specialist, but everybody has a skill that if applied correctly, can be traded for cash.






I love to write. Some people even say I’m good at it. I can tell you first hand that there is a big difference between writing something for my nine to five, and writing something for my own personal clients. It’s like chalk and cheese. The self-fulfilment and excitement in applying my skills toward building my own kingdom far exceeds the satisfaction I get in writing for ‘the man.’


I’m not alone. All over the world people are saying the same thing. When it’s your own business you work harder, longer and more passionately, and most times you don’t even know you’re doing it because it doesn’t


So if you’ve been thinking lately that you could use some more cash, or if there’s been an entrepreneurial idea floating around in the back of your mind, now is the time to explore it. Ask yourself, what do you like doing and what are you good at? Chances are, there’s a little money spinner hiding somewhere inside you waiting to get out.

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