How we went from Page 1 on Google Search to Page 7 overnight.

Google SERP Dropping overnight

Google, Why hast thou forsaken us?

Well kids listen up! I can tell you, we don’t really know what happened. Nothing really changed on our page in the last 4 weeks, so we decided to investigate what had happened and you can see what we found below.


Our Title, Description changed around 4 weeks ago. This is what we thought suddenly brought us up to page 1 results from page 3, this wasn’t entirely true though. It turns out these changes we made had no effect what so ever in rankings and google didn’t use these new metrics for our Google Results. Funnily enough yesterday Google decided that these new changes would affect our results. After some investigation we found to our embarrassment that we were keyword stuffing (Click the link to see what keyword stuffing is).

Google Ranking Dropped

Our Title & Description repeated the keywords ” Web Design” Twice meaning that Google would then penalise our page results. We have since removed the stuffing and we hope to see our results slowly crawl back up, but please think about your Website Title & Description before submitting your changes through to google. We have lost a potential 400 customers going to our site so far, and if we cannot get back our top ranking soon we could be in some serious trouble.

Sometimes you don’t even realise the small errors you can make when updating your site, while steps can be taken to avoid them I strongly advise you always have someone go over your changes to ensure they are up to standards. Find another SEO company, yes even if you are one yourself. It never hurts to get a second opinion when it comes to your business.

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